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SSH: a window poped “enter password to unlock the private key”

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I met with this situation:
I created RSA keypair for ssh and copied my public key onto a remote machine B. (Note that in order to create the ssh keypair, you have to enter the passphrase.) So I hoped I could ssh to B without typing password every time.

And I came up with a problem:
Every time I wanted to ssh to the machine B, there was a window (I use Gnome) poped with “enter password to unlock the private key”. What I can do is either enter the password (and it is not your own password nor the login password to B) and click “OK”, or click “Deny”. If you enter the wrong password, you will not ssh. If you click “Deny”, you are asked to input password to ssh to B, like you ssh to B before when you have not copied the public RSA key onto B.

How to solve it?
I finally tried the passphrase (used to create the ssh RSA keypair) as the password, and click “OK”, and it worked! And I was not asked to enter the login password to B. And this window was not poped again.

I do not know what is the key reason of this window poping problem. But I can ssh now. Maybe I can find out why in the future, or maybe anyone read this article kindly tell me what on earth cause that problem. 🙂

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2010/03/16 at 14:38

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