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$lspci | grep VGA



Written by apollozhao

2011/08/24 at 19:49

Install local and network printer in Fedora 12

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Local Printer:
Printer: Fuji Xerox, DocuPrint 203A
1. download driver. (http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/FujiXerox_DocuPrint_203A)
2. install the two rpms. (e.g. sudo rpm -Uvh DocuPrint_203_A-lpr-1.1.2-4.i386.rpm )
3. sudo /etc/init.d/cups stop; sudo /etc/init.d/cups start. (restart the service)

To test the printer, go to “localhost::631” in a browser, in the “job” tab, you can print test page.

In daily use, you can type “lpr -P DocuPrint_203_A a.txt (can surely print .ps)” command to print a.txt

Network Printer:
Printer: Lexmark
1. In “System->Administration->Printing”
2. Click “Add”, in “New Printer”, choose “Network Printer -> Windows Printer via SAMBA”.
3. Type in the url (e.g. smb://nts27/pstsc), or type “smb://nts27/” to Browse (if password is needed, type like this: domain\username)
4. Forward, choose Generic as Driver
5. Forward, choose PostScript Printer
6. Printer setup completed. Right click the printer and choose the “Properties”, in “Printer Options”, you can choose “Media size” as “A4”.

This method applies in Fedora 12.

Written by apollozhao

2010/07/18 at 13:11

Control+Alt+Backspace to Kill X Window in Fedora 11 and 12

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Linux users used to press the combination of Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to restart the X window when it runs wrong. However, they may find it not applies in Fedora 11 or 12, or the latest Ubuntu. The combination is diabled by default now, because the developers of the new release think inadvertently invoking the combination will lose the data of current user. This does make sense. But sometimes users still prefer the convenience of the three-key to restart, then they can follow the steps to enable the function:

1. In Gnome (KDE may be similar), choose “System->Preferences->Keyboard”
2. Tab to “Layouts”, press the “Layout Options…” button
3. Find “Key sequence to kill the X server”, check “Control+Alt+Backspace”

OK, it’s done. But think before you use the three-key every time, in case you lose your data.

Note: This method applies in Fedora 12

Written by apollozhao

2010/01/30 at 12:53