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SSH Tunnel in Linux

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It is easy in Windows to create SSH tunnel with the help of many tools (e.g. putty). How to do it in Linux? It is easier. 🙂

Suppose mike has an account on remote machine sshserver.com, which is used to be the one to connect.

Open an terminal, type command:
$ssh -N mike@sshserver.com -D 7070

Input the password, and now you have created the SSH tunnel. To use it as a proxy, just config your browser, add a socks 5 proxy, with the proxy as: “”.

OK, now you can surf the Internet with the proxy.


Some articles use -L parameter in the SSH commands, please refer to [1].

[1] http://blog.fredrikbostrom.net/2009/04/10/ssh-tunnel-from-the-command-line


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