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$lspci | grep VGA



Written by apollozhao

2011/08/24 at 19:49

“Chassis is Open” Warning at Computer Booting

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Sometimes you may come across a computer, which gives you a warning when booting “Chassis is Open”, and you have to press F1 or Enter (it depends) to let the system continue load to the operating system. This is annoying when the machine is remote and you want to reboot it. Here is a way to avoid the warning, and boot the system directly to OS.

Note, this problem usually happens on machines with Intel mother board.

1. Start the machine, enter the BIOS settings
2. Go to the page of “Security”
3. Turn off the warning of “Chassis Open” (or Chassis Intrusion)

Written by apollozhao

2011/02/14 at 16:05

Install local and network printer in Fedora 12

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Local Printer:
Printer: Fuji Xerox, DocuPrint 203A
1. download driver. (http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/FujiXerox_DocuPrint_203A)
2. install the two rpms. (e.g. sudo rpm -Uvh DocuPrint_203_A-lpr-1.1.2-4.i386.rpm )
3. sudo /etc/init.d/cups stop; sudo /etc/init.d/cups start. (restart the service)

To test the printer, go to “localhost::631” in a browser, in the “job” tab, you can print test page.

In daily use, you can type “lpr -P DocuPrint_203_A a.txt (can surely print .ps)” command to print a.txt

Network Printer:
Printer: Lexmark
1. In “System->Administration->Printing”
2. Click “Add”, in “New Printer”, choose “Network Printer -> Windows Printer via SAMBA”.
3. Type in the url (e.g. smb://nts27/pstsc), or type “smb://nts27/” to Browse (if password is needed, type like this: domain\username)
4. Forward, choose Generic as Driver
5. Forward, choose PostScript Printer
6. Printer setup completed. Right click the printer and choose the “Properties”, in “Printer Options”, you can choose “Media size” as “A4”.

This method applies in Fedora 12.

Written by apollozhao

2010/07/18 at 13:11