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[zz]如何回答what’s up?千万不要说I’m fine.(在美生活常用习语)

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当考路考的考官说”Pull over!”时,你是否会不知所措?有人邀请你参加Potluck Party时,你会不会空手赴宴?在速食店里,店员问”For here or to go?”你是否会丈二金刚摸不着头脑,莫名其妙?”Give me a ring!”可不是用来求婚的。”Drop me a line!”更非要你排队站好。老美说”Hi! What’s up? “你可别说”I am fine!”你曾经闹过这些笑话吗?
·Potluck Party: 一种聚餐方式,主人准备场地和餐具,参加的人必须带一道菜或准备饮料,最好事先问问主人的意思。

·Pull over! 把车子开到旁边。
·Drop me a line! 写封信给我。
·Give me a ring. =Call me. 来个电话吧!
·For here or to go? 堂食或外卖。
·Cool! That’s cool! 等于现在年轻人常用的口语”酷”,表示”不赖嘛!”用于人或事均可。
·What’s up? =What’s happening? =What’s new? 见面时随口问候的话”最近在忙什么?有什么新鲜事吗?”一般的回答是”Nothing much!”或”Nothing new!”
·Cut it out! =Knock it out! =Stop it! 少来这套!同学之间开玩笑的话。
·Don’t give me a hard time! 别跟我过不去好不好!
·Get yourself together! 振作点行不行!
·Do you have “the” time? 现在几点钟?可别误以为人家要约你出去。
·Hang in there. =Don’t give up. =Keep trying. 再撑一下。
·Give me a break! 你饶了我吧!(开玩笑的话)
·Hang on. 请稍候。
·Blow it. =Screw up. 搞砸了。
·What a big hassle. 真是个麻烦事。
·What a crummy day. 多倒霉的一天。
·Go for it. 加油!
·You bet. =Of course. 当然;看我的!
·Wishful thinking. 一厢情愿的想法。
·Don’t be so fussy! 别那么挑剔好不好。
·It’s a long story. 唉!说来话长。
·How have you been? =How are you doing? 你过得如何?近来可好?
·Take things for granted. 自以为理所当然。
·Don’t put on airs. 别摆架子。
·Give me a lift. =Give me a ride. 送我一程吧!
·Have a crush on someone. 迷恋某人。
·What’s the catch? 有什么内幕?
·Party animal. Party狂(喜欢参加舞会的人)。
·Pain in the neck. =Pain in the ass. 讨厌的东西、人或事。
·Skeleton in the closet. 家丑。
·Don’t get on my nerve! 别把我惹火了!
·A faint chance. =A poor chance. 机会很小。
·I am racking my brains. 我正在绞尽脑汁。
·She’s a real drag. 她真有点碍手碍脚。
·Spacing out. =Daydreaming. 做白日梦。
·I am so fed up. 我受够了!
·It doesn’t go with your dress. 跟你的衣服不配。
·What’s the point? =What are you trying to say? 你的重点是什么?
·By all means. =Definitely. 一定是。
·steam 蒸,poach 水煮,boil 煮,toast 烤(面包),grill 烤、煎, roast(duck) 烘烤、红烧(烤鸭),braise 油炸过用温火炖,pure 煮成浓汤,broil 烧、烤,season 加调味料,panbroil 用浅锅烧烤,seasoning 调味料,fry 炸、炒,dressing 沙拉酱,bake 烤,gravy 肉汁,saute 用温火慢炒,appetizer 饭前菜、小菜,stew 炖、焖、红烧,entree 主菜,simmer 慢炖、煨,snack 点心、小点,stir fry 快炒、大火炒,marinate 腌、用卤泡、卤,smoke 熏。
·Let’s get a bite. =Let’s go eat. 去吃点东西吧!
·I’ll buy you a lunch (a drink)

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