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[zz]The Goldman Sachs Suggested Reading List

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from: http://blog.renren.com/share/262254017/5511376553

Are you a Goldman Sachs aspirant and want to learn about its corporate culture, its thinking? What’s a better way than to see the literature that inspires and shapes their rank and file over the years? Goldman Sachs compiles a list of books written by many of its own as well as from the most influential authors in finance.

This list is among the most comprehensive finance reading lists we’ve seen. There are definitely many lesser known literature gems among this list.

Download the list in PDF format!

Industry Background and Flavor

The following popular works are, of course, exaggerated depictions of the darker side of the industry. However, they do provide some of the flavor of life on “The Street.”

Broad Industry History

Analytical and Reference



FICC & Equities


IMD (Investment Management Division)

Written About, By or For Money Managers and Traders

Written by Current or Former Goldman Sachs Employees


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